Crisis worsens as countries begin to close borders to Venezuelan migrants

The turbulence surrounding Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis has begun to veer towards breaking point as neighbouring countries place limitations on Venezuelan entry requirements. Until last week, Venezuelan citizens were able to travel through the majority of South America with just a possession of an ID card. Ecuador, however, closed its border to Venezuelans not in possession

Climbing in Colombia’s Los Nevados National Park

I was nearing 4,000m on the ascent to Colombia’s Cerros Los Nevados when the situation became serious. My trekking partner, delirious from the cold, thinning air had begun to struggle with his balance as we slowly pushed up the volcanic mountainside and I was close to follow. Both seasoned trekkers, it came as a surprise when

Peru’s colonial town, Arequipa, is world’s third most vulnerable to volcanic activity

Being surrounded by three volcanoes gives Arequipa a stunning backdrop that could rival any city in the world in terms of beauty. But it also makes it one of the world’s most vulnerable cities, according to a new study. Findings from Peru’s Institute of Geology, Mining and Extraction (Ingemmet) show that Arequipa ranks third in

Young supporters take the lead at Gustavo Petro’s presidential rally

There was an electric feeling surrounding Medellin’s Parque Explora on Wednesday evening, as the backdrop to the University of Antioquia campus became the political rallying ground for Gustavo Petro’s campaign. Colombia’s election day is now just nine days away and will see the country take to the polls to select one of five running candidates to take

New project supports Andean communities with climate change and water shortages

A new project focusing on clean water and climate change will be rolled out in the Andean regions of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. The project, known as AICCA, is being carried out by the Committee for Sustainable Development in the Andean Ecoregion (CONDESAN) and has the support of the Bank of Latin American Development