Latin American former leaders criticise Pope’s Christmas message

A Christmas speech by Pope Francisco has not been well received by a number of prominent people across Latin America. In response to Pope Francisco’s annual Urbi et Orbi Christmas speech, 20 ex-leaders from across Latin America wrote a letter to the religious leader criticising his words regarding the situations in Venezuela and Nicaragua. In his speech,

Backlash across Latin America following suggestion of military intervention in Venezuela

In response to a statement made on Friday by the director of the Organisation of American States (OAS) which suggested that military action could be taken against Venezuela, 10 governments have since come forward to refuse to participate in a military intervention. The 10 countries are part of 14 associated within the Lima Group, which

What does Bolivia’s political gender-parity mean for the country?

The high Andean country of Bolivia is deeply ingrained in tradition and rich in a cultural history that harks back to indigenous heritage and ancient languages. Whereas such traditional values commonly place an importance on strict gender roles, which are still considerably rife throughout the country, its political system appears to be advancing in terms

Campaign for Zero Hunger seeks empowerment of indigenous women

Indigenous Women Zero Hunger

According to the United Nations, indigenous women have higher malnutrition rates than any other social group and typically earn a lot less than men, putting them at a serious disadvantage. Statistics published by Reuters also show that indigenous peoples, of which there are around 5000 different communities across the world, constitute 15% of those reportedly

Young supporters take the lead at Gustavo Petro’s presidential rally

There was an electric feeling surrounding Medellin’s Parque Explora on Wednesday evening, as the backdrop to the University of Antioquia campus became the political rallying ground for Gustavo Petro’s campaign. Colombia’s election day is now just nine days away and will see the country take to the polls to select one of five running candidates to take