Why Building Company Models Can Help Accelerate Venture Capital in Latin America

Latin America (LatAm) has a unique business landscape, with its own set of advantages, challenges, and everything in between. One might even say that the LatAm market can be described as a functioning dichotomy.  On the one hand, the region has a huge economic gap that was only exacerbated by the pandemic—with a recent study

Horasis Global Meeting to Host Latin American Leaders Alongside Prime Ministers

Colombia’s Minister Jonathan Malagón will be a speaker, alongside other Latin American leaders, at Horasis Global Meeting in 2020. Malagón will be speaking on Colombia’s vision for the future and the nation’s recent success stories. For multiple days the coastal resort town of Cascais will thus see the arrival of a wave of diverse participants, including government

Multinational in Colombia partners on new blockchain venture

Several blockchain industry veterans today announce the launch of Talos Enterprise Blockchain, a new service aimed at assisting enterprises looking to make digital transformations on the blockchain. The team at the helm of the new product launch includes Michael Luna, the former CTO at Jawbone and named on more than 117 issued U.S. patents. Luna

Startup Mi Dulce Hogar launches in Mexico City

Startup Mi Dulce Hogar, which provides home cleaning services, has announced its launch in Mexico City. The company has already booked over 28,000 work appointments across the country. Launched four years ago in Guadalajara, the platform allows individuals to schedule cleaning appointments for their homes. Although there are other apps in the market, a key

New free trade agreement welcomed by Argentina and Chile

A new Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Argentina has finally been brought into place after over a month of waiting for Chile to approve the agreement. It is expected that this new agreement will increase the amount of imports and exports between the two countries. Exportation of Argentine gas to Chile is set to