Argentina’s Unusual Northern Landscapes Invite The Most Adventurous Travellers

Framed from the west by Chile’s Atacama Desert and above by Bolivia’s vast Uyuni salt flats, Argentina’s north-western province, Jujuy, is a dry and remote area of Argentina that seldom receives much tourism. Despite this, it is home to an unusual mix of cultures, languages and spiritual traditions as well as cacti, vast sandy mountain

Scientists discover that chocoholics existed over 5,400 years ago

For visitors to South America, the quest for cacao is one that somewhat dominates the tourist trail and takes precedence in regions associated with the Amazon such as Peru, Colombia and Brazil. Along the street vendors of Cusco and into the mountainous regions of Ecuador, cacao cultivation is etched in tradition as well as, quite

Backlash across Latin America following suggestion of military intervention in Venezuela

In response to a statement made on Friday by the director of the Organisation of American States (OAS) which suggested that military action could be taken against Venezuela, 10 governments have since come forward to refuse to participate in a military intervention. The 10 countries are part of 14 associated within the Lima Group, which

What does Bolivia’s political gender-parity mean for the country?

The high Andean country of Bolivia is deeply ingrained in tradition and rich in a cultural history that harks back to indigenous heritage and ancient languages. Whereas such traditional values commonly place an importance on strict gender roles, which are still considerably rife throughout the country, its political system appears to be advancing in terms

Argentine former footballer Diego Maradona turns coach in Mexico

Argentine football coach, Diego Maradona, has been hired to train Mexican soccer club Dorados of Sinaloa. According to reports from Clarin, the football heavyweight will head to Mexico on Saturday before officially starting his role on Monday as the new team director in Culiacan, Sinaloa. Maradona is renowned in Argentina and remains one of the most