Over two millions births in Latin America to mothers under the age of 15, according to NGO studies

There are roughly 66.5 births to teenage mothers out of every thousand in Latin America, which is considerably higher than the global average of 46 births. This statistic has been brought to light through a number of studies across the Latin American region which has since been identified as having the highest amount of teenage pregnancies in

Countries begin announcing measures against Venezuelan government

Just yesterday, Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for his second term as the President of Venezuela. Despite a week of controversy, and a number of countries outright rejecting his ascent to power, he is in place to lead for another six years. Yesterday, the Argentine government released an official statement explaining the steps they would be taking

86-Year-Old Tackles One Of The Seven Summits

Located in the southern Andes mountain range, Aconcagua is South America’s highest peak and one of the Seven Summits that form the highest mountains in each of the seven continents around the globe. Joining alongside Mount Everest, Denali, Mont Blanc, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Vinson and Puncak Jaya, it forms part of a famous bucket list for climbers

Argentina’s Unusual Northern Landscapes Invite The Most Adventurous Travellers

Framed from the west by Chile’s Atacama Desert and above by Bolivia’s vast Uyuni salt flats, Argentina’s north-western province, Jujuy, is a dry and remote area of Argentina that seldom receives much tourism. Despite this, it is home to an unusual mix of cultures, languages and spiritual traditions as well as cacti, vast sandy mountain

Argentina’s River Plate top Boca Juniors in Copa Libertadores final

The long-awaited second leg of the Copa Libertadores made us keep waiting for the victor to be decided. After several weeks of postponement, Sunday’s final from Madrid went to extra time where River Plate upended bitter rival Boca Juniors in South America’s most important tournament. After the Superclásico was moved to Europe after fan violence in Buenos