Horasis Global Meeting to Host Latin American Leaders Alongside Prime Ministers

By December 30, 2019

Colombia’s Minister Jonathan Malagón will be a speaker, alongside other Latin American leaders, at Horasis Global Meeting in 2020. Malagón will be speaking on Colombia’s vision for the future and the nation’s recent success stories.

For multiple days the coastal resort town of Cascais will thus see the arrival of a wave of diverse participants, including government leaders and global CEOs. Among the Heads of State to attend Horasis Global Meeting 2020 are Muse Abdi Bihi, President, Somaliland and Ulisses Correia e Silva, Prime Minister of Cape Verde, among others.

The leaders will convene in March to discuss the theme decisive leadership through times of disruption.

Horasis has become one of the leading initiatives that aims to connect the questions of geopolitics with the global economy and entrepreneurial minds.

“Global issues require global solutions” has long been the mantra in the United Nation, arguably the world’s most global governance forum. However, the global political agenda to address pressing issues of humanity is increasingly encountering challenges. As the influence of these multilateral institutions erodes, new forms of global cooperation are called upon.

Greater conversations need to happen that give voice to these issues – and channel these developments in the direction of adding value to the planet as a whole. Horasis Global Meeting 2020 speakers include, among others:

  • Diego Mesa, Deputy Minister of Energy, Colombia
  • Martin Burt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Poverty Stoplight, Paraguay
  • Raphael Fraga, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ita Capital, Brazil
  • Luciano Brunherotto, Member of the Board, Brasilian Facilities Association, Brazil
  • Ernesto Nuñez, Chief Executive Officer, Love4all, Mexico
  • Jerzy Kwiecinski, Minister of Investment and Economic Development, Poland
  • Unity Dow, Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, Botswana

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